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Aug 24 2011

Scott Gairdner, Wizard Of Online Video, Breaks The Internet With 'Tiny Fuppets'

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A few years ago, the Internet seemed like the true beacon of hope for any young sketch comedian with a camera and a dream. Video-makers like The Lonely Island made it look easy for the next generation to simply post their funny, original videos to the vast servers of YouTube and suddenly find themselves gracing the airwaves at "Saturday Night Live." However, the over-abundance of online videos in recent years has made it harder for original content to stand out; the edge has gone to the real-life cats and rock n' roll kids and adorable Russian bear cubs of our time. Viral original content is much rarer, and the algorithm for success has grown hazy. Still, pioneers exist, and one man has been steadily putting together brilliant content since before you could say "Funny or Die" (though he now works for Funny or Die). Scott Gairdner, who has been uploading videos to his...

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